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Jeremiah 29: 11, Jeremiah1:5, Isaiah 55:8-9

Before you were born, God has already conceptualized and planned everything about you. God ways and plans are unsearchable, you can’t know it all. He will reveal to you all you need to know at a particular time (Gods time).

Gods thought and plans for everyone are uniquely different. He has already arranged and packaged it and only those that will call upon him, pray to him, seek him, inquire  and require him as a vital necessity with find him and when u find and search for him with all your heart He will be found by you. Mattew 7:7
God never runs out of plans, He always has a plan. A good one at that, Isaiah 29:11 that will give you peace hope for your future and your welfare.
You seek to know God and his plans for your life not just for a day but as a life time necessity.

God have good plans for our life but we have to participate in that plan for it to come true. We need to cooperate with God every single day of our lives, it’s a daily necessity to seek God and it has to be intentional.

Most times we plan and things don’t actually work the way we planned it but when God gives you his plan and you cooperate with His plan for you, it’s going to work out perfectly than you think or imagine why? Because Isaiah 55:8 made us to understand that Gods ways are totally different from man.
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The difference is clear. God created the plan; He has seen the plan from the beginning to the end and knows how the outcome will be. But man knows only bit by bit not to the finish. God has already gone ahead to even prepared the necessary provision even before revealing it to you.

Gods plan can only be revealed in the place of personal relationship with GOD, Intimate fellowship. just as our body need food, water and air to breathe so also we need God in our life everyday to live, to develop our full potential, every day we ought to learn something, every day we out to grow, every day we ought to discover something new, every day we ought to be a bit further along than we were the day before. We should be life time learners” JOYCE MEYER .

 You learn to spend time with God because it’s a vital necessity not because your pastor said so or imposed it on you but because you have come to have a deeper understanding that God is your life and you are noting outside Christ. When you spend time with God you get to know him more and more, you begin to understand what God likes and what offend him. You will understand the things he wants you to do and how to do it.

I encourage you to make it your priority to spend time with God because it is a vital necessity to your life.