Hello y’all 

Happy new month

I am really bubbling with excitement and my heart is filled with Joy.
It’s a new month and its shows God have been amazingly faithful.
I’m so grateful as in you will not understand but I would come back to it later. I am so grateful to God for his faithfulness, goodness, love, peace joy and all. I could go on and on as in everything about God is awesome. I see my existence as a privilege. It is an opportunity for me or would I say I am opportune to be among the living souls to see this new month same as you.

Oh! Guess what?

It’s my birthday month so don’t blame me when I say you would not understand. Aside from august been my birth month there is this joy dancing inside of me and I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling this. God have been awesome to me. I’m alive, healthy, walking, talking, moving, living. I’m a living miracle and if you are reading this post you are also a living miracle. Go on and celebrate God HALLELLUIA!!!

So it’s my birthday month AUGUST 10TH to be precise I can’t keep calm abourrit. (Screaming  on the top of my voice HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME in advance). On the 10th of august my arrival into planet earth was announced cos a blessing was released into the world which is Meee. 

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me

Save the date AUGUST 10TH and the party is at your house all you have to do is cook drink and eat that’s all cos we’ve got to celebrate with one another. And for those that would be asking how old I would be, just don’t worry about the figure I would be plus 1 (+1).

It is something to be joyful about to be awake, alive and healthy. Should I remind you that a lot has really happened in the past months? From January 1st down to July 31st. let me bring it to your consciousness just in case you don’t know.
A lot of People have died of different illness, some were killed, some are still in the hospital and more are in the mortuary but you yourself and loved ones are evidence of God’s infinite mercy. Isn’t that more than enough to be thankful for.
I know there are lot of things you might be struggling with, problems here and there, challenges you are facing now, financial and marital issues etc but there is always something to be thankful for even in the mist of all this.

When you thank God for what you have He will take care of the ones you don’t have.

When you thank God for what he has done and what He is yet to done. He will do more.

So don’t let anything steal your joy. Your joy comes from the lord. The bible says the joy of the lord is your strength.
Don’t stop thanking Him for his faithful in all things.

Alright take care y’all and have a lovely and blessed month ahead.