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Your present season might be a passing through to a greater level of your life. You need to appreciate and enjoy every season of your life.  

Sometimes it might be sweet and others times very difficult , there are some season in your life where everything looks good and beautiful everything is going the way you want and expect it, another season where things are not falling in place or in-line with what you want. Every time and season is made by God eccl 3:1 so you need to enjoy every moment of that season you are in.

 Ps 106:12-15 David was speaking about the children of Israel how God brought them out of bondage and delivered them from pharaoh and his army. Vs 12 says they were happy and they praised the name of the lord but that season did not last long, they entered another season and phase of life and they changed and began to complain and murmur.

Most times we are like that. when things are going the way we want we get all excited, attend church services, worship ,praise give thanks and all but the moment the table turns we become sad, worried ,confused and we end up complaining. Philippians 2:14 says God hates murmuring and complaining. 

We are so quick to forget our past victories that the lord helped us with, the challenges that God saw us through, those difficult moments that the lord provided for us.
We need to understand that life is a journey and you need to enjoy every step on the way. When the bible says all things are working together for your good Romans 8:28 

it means when you understand and when you don’t you trust God.when you have what you want and when you don’t get them you believe God have a better plan ahead, when you fail and when you pass God is right there with you,when life is all rosy for you and when its looks messy God is fixing it. Do you understand that they are all working together for your good? Your job is not to start complaining. that is when you thanksgiving should increase the more.

I heard Sarah Jakes Robert said something in one of her messages and she mention something about season of our life. 
Have you ever had to thank God on credit? 
You thank him for those moments when you don’t understand. 
You thank him for that season of your struggle.
You thank him for your pain.

She said a lot of times we get caught up thanking him for all the blessings. What about thanking him for those things that have caused us pain? 

This takes me back the scripture in 1 Thessalonia 5:8 give thanks in all things for this is the will of God concerning your life. 

Does it ring a bell to what Sarah was talking about earlier?
I know we have come across this scripture before or we might have heard one or two messages but have you gotten a revelation about the word cos knowing the verse is not enough. But am telling you the more you meditate on the word you get a different revelation. 

As I write this post those words she said keeps ringing in my head and I remembered that word in 1 thessalonia 5:18 and I was pondering on it again and again and am like THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING. The one that got my mind was when she said Have you thanked him for your struggles? How do we allow our gratitude extend to the things that has caused us pain” as in how does she knows that I need theses word right now.

There are lot of things we are struggling with most times sometimes we don’t even understand how to handle it all. So we go around complaining about it but what if it’s that struggle that is preparing you for the battle in front of you. Get down on your kneels and thank the lord for it cos that season will pass.

No season of your life is a coincidence. It’s just did not happen my dear.whatever God allows is because HE has a better plan trust me You can confirm from Ecclesiastes 3:1 there is a time for it and there is a reason for it too. You may not even have an idea of what’s going on, you may not understand it all but have you thanked him for those times you are really confused about everything?

Every season of your life is a test that’s leads you to your next level. There is a lesson for every season and when you don’t understand the lesson you trust the teacher. What’s important is what you got to let that lesson in that season of your life teach you. You thank him for the endurance that is been built inside of you in that season. 

This should be your lifestyle thanking and praying to God both in season and out of season.


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