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Hello y’all  Happy new month I am really bubbling with excitement and my heart is filled with Joy. It’s a new month and its shows God have been amazingly faithful. I’m so grateful as in you will not understand but I would come back to it later. I am so grateful to God for his faithfulness, goodness, love, peace joy and all. I could go on and on as in everything about God is awesome. I see my existence as a privilege. It is an opportunity for me or would I say I am opportune to be among the living souls to see this new month same as you. Oh! Guess what? It’s my birthday month so don’t blame me when I say you would not understand. Aside from august been my birth month there is this joy dancing inside of me and I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling this. God have been awesome to me. I’m alive, healthy, walking, talking, moving, living. I’m a living miracle and if you are reading this post you are also a living mi
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  Your present season might be a passing through to a greater level of your life. You need to appreciate and enjoy every season of your life.   Sometimes it might be sweet and others times very difficult , there are some season in your life where everything looks good and beautiful everything is going the way you want and expect it, another season where things are not falling in place or in-line with what you want. Every time and season is made by God eccl 3:1 so you need to enjoy every moment of that season you are in.  Ps 106:12-15 David was speaking about the children of Israel how God brought them out of bondage and delivered them from pharaoh and his army. Vs 12 says they were happy and they praised the name of the lord but that season did not last long, they entered another season and phase of life and they changed and began to complain and murmur. Most times we are like that. when things are going the way we want we get all excited, attend church services, wo


Jeremiah 29: 11, Jeremiah1:5, Isaiah 55:8-9 Before you were born, God has already conceptualized and planned everything about you. God ways and plans are unsearchable, you can’t know it all. He will reveal to you all you need to know at a particular time (Gods time). Gods thought and plans for everyone are uniquely different. He has already arranged and packaged it and only those that will call upon him, pray to him, seek him, inquire   and require him as a vital necessity with find him and when u find and search for him with all your heart He will be found by you. Mattew 7:7 God never runs out of plans, He always has a plan. A good one at that, Isaiah 29:11 that will give you peace hope for your future and your welfare. You seek to know God and his plans for your life not just for a day but as a life time necessity. God have good plans for our life but we have to participate in that plan for it to come true. We need to cooperate with God every single day of