Happy new month!

                                            Am back once again!

It’s nice been here again, am happy and I feel so relieved.
Have really missed blogging for some time now and am so sorry for not writing all this while.
Even though I haven’t blogged in a while, I always feel there is something I need to do that am not doing yet. But it’s all good am here once again.
Am so excited and am trying to figure out how to express myself. As in eh!
Let me put it this way “IT’S MINE TURN”!
When God gives you a word that it’s you turn you will be very much excited about it because it’s not just a promise it comes with command and authority.
Now you have the word and you told yourself ‘it’s mine turn”, the question now is this “it’s mine turn for what”?
It doesn’t end with just the word “ITS MINE TURN” you have to fill the remaining blank space there with what it’s your turn for.
I don’t know about you but this word is for me and with this word am good to go

It’s mine turn for good things
It’s mine turn to testify
It’s my turn to celebrate my victories
It’s mine turn to prosper
It’s mine turn for promotion
It, s mine turn for creative ideas
It’s mine turn to have mine own landed properties
It’s mine turn to get married. Oh yes!
It’s mine turn for direction.
It’s mine turn for peace in my family
Dear I can keep going on and on
Am not just saying it but it comes with supernatural authority from above “ITS MINE TURN” and I mean it.
Since January the word came it has been testimony upon testimony, some have not recovered from and the lord is still doing more.

Am grateful

Am grateful its mine turn.
Am grateful for everything and I mean ALL (good and bad, sweet and sour,).
If you think you don’t have something to be grateful about, I advise you visit the mortuary, visit the hospital, or just look around and see for yourself.
I have many things am grateful to God about and one of which is that am alive and am able to blog. Dead body can’t write or express them self so am alive and it’s a privilege not a routine.
Have got something am grateful for and this is it.
It’s mine turn for celebration in my family. And the lord did it, I don’t know how but he did it.

Psalm 52:9 
For what you have done I will always praise you
    in the presence of your faithful people.
And I will hope in your name,
    for your name is good.

here is my elder sister traditional marriage and she is looking so beautiful.
she is like a mother to me and i love her so much.she is loving and the most caring sister have ever come across, self sacrificing. she knows how to take care of the home, your problem is her problem,she loves to cook and loves eating spagetti alot #lol# she dont joke with it.


She is married
Its her turn to get married

I love those smiles
I really love it when she smiles it makes me happy

My big mama with her grand daughter
God kept my big mama to witness this day

Am so happy for her so i had to take the front lead as the queen concern #yes!
Its our turn to dance and rejoice.

You know when you are expectant of something and it looks as if it’s not coming forth, what do you do? What would be your reaction? It becomes a big deal right? Panic comes in, anxiety, frustration and depression becomes so close to hurt you.
I know most of us may feel “well this word is not for me” or the next option is to give up on our expectation forgetting that the one who gave you the promise is not a man that can fail.

Hey! Wake up! And get your ass together!
Thank God like you have it already. Put up an attitude of gratitude.
When you are expectant you keep up a good and positive attitude about it. Whether you can see it or not, that’s not supposed to be the time for you to feel depressed or worried.

That’s when you should exercise your faith, “whether I have it or not i still trust you lord”. This should be your attitude.

You praise more than before, celebrate you past victories honey.
You don’t give room for the devil to manipulate 1 peter 5:8.
Am here to tell you when it’s coming late its coming real BIG trust me!

Its mine turn to do something. No more idleness, no lazing around.