Taking a deep breath, I began to ponder on this word “THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT” I came across this word in a book written by JOYCE MEYER - BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND. I began to wonder what it means. My mind is already filled with thought so what else should I be thinking about, I was like “think about what you are thinking about”, I repeated it over and over and over again.

What have I been thinking?

It then occurred to me that it’s not about the so many thoughts that filled my mind but rather about what are those thought that filled my mind and what impact they are having on me.
Have you ever thought about the things you are thinking?
Sincerely speaking this word stroke me and I began to reflect on the things have been feeding my mind, how is my thought life like?
Thought bear fruits, think good thought and the fruit in your life will be good. Think bad thoughts and the fruit in your life will be bad.
The things that enters our mind plays importance role in our life and how we react too really matters.
As a man thinks in his heart so is he, you are a product of your thought.
You know a lot of times different thought comes into our mind. Take your time and examine your thought life, what you’ve been thinking and how has been your reaction concerning those thought.
Let me give u an example. Imagine a scenario where you’ve been hurt and you begin to think about it, how it happened and how bad and bittered you felt when it happened. Have it ever happened to you before? Do you know that the more you keep thinking about this negative experience, the more hatred it will stir up in your mind about that person, you feel more depressed, angry and upset?
You can change you those negative things you think about if you want to. Positive mind produce positive life.
According to Joyce Meyer there is a war going on in our mind and the mind is the battle field where the battle is won or lost. Constantly examine you thought life. IICORITHIANS 10:4-5 you need to cast down every imagination that is exalting itself against the knowledge of GOD.
If GOD has promised you prosperity, then you need to think and see yourself prospering. If God says in his word that you should be in good health, your thought should also be the same. III John 1:2.
Romans 8:28 All things (good, bad, sour, mistakes) works together for the good of those that love God and are called according to his purpose. This should be you thought always that all things are working in your favour. It’s all starts in the mind. You can’t be speaking positive, while deep down in your mind you are full of negativity.

Negativity kills creativity.
Our thoughts are silent words that only we and the lord hear, but those words affect our inner man, our health, our joy, and our attitude. The things we think often come out of our mouth.
Whenever am inside the bus, I hear people saying all manna of stuffs about Nigeria,  both the ones that thinks Nigeria is never going to be better and you hear things like we are suffering in  this country.
I used to have this kind of mentality before but I thank God for flooding my eyes with light and revelation of his word. I came to understand the power of our thought and words and my mentality changed.
Do you know people go as far as saying “Nothing Good will come out of this country” “Nigeria is cursed”.
Haba! Too bad
The funniest part is that this people saying this kind of words might be praying every morning for God to prosper them, meanwhile they are busy laying curses and speaking negative on the same land they want to prosper from. You can’t be praying to God for prosperity and at the same time saying you cannot prosper and you expect prosperity to come. It’s impossible. There is power in the tongue.
Good things happen to those people who think it’s possible for good thing to happen.
Their mind is filled with negativity and a limitation of what is happening around them; most times it’s the thought in their mind they are speaking out forgetting what the word of God says in roman 8:28.
You can’t be negative and expect a positive result.
You might have had people saying those negative things but you don’t have to join them and accept that kind of mentality, what you think and speak is what will work for you. Our thoughts certainly affect our attitude and our moods.
I can’t tell you I don’t listen to news but I don’t allow those negative stories steal the promises GOD has placed in my heart. As human beings we are product of our thought. What we hear (positive or negative) have great impact on us, it will affect our thinking and what we believe.
What you believe is what you become.
You see, i can choose to be depressed and sad about the economic crises of Nigeria or I can choose to be happy and keep a positive attitude about the issue because I know God is working out everything for my good and God’s thought for me is of peace and not evil to give me an expected end. Jeremiah can choose to meditate on all the good things God has promised you or you can choose to think about all the frustrating situation the devil is bringing to your mind. The choice is yours.
You think positive you get your freedom or you dwell on negativity and remain in bondage of depression and worry. IT’S UP TO YOU.
Renew your mind with the word of GOD and I also recommend you read this book it will help you understand more. BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND.